Mind Hack Workshops

What is Mind Hacking?

Remember that scene in The Matrix where Neo goes to meet The Oracle for the first time? Well, "there is no spoon" :)

By exploring and participating in this workshop, you'll find out how truly powerful the human mind can be when unlocked and aligned in focus.

Mind Hacking involves harnessing an awareness of one's surroundings and introduces you to techniques that can be used to open and create mind-shifting experiences.

It challenges you to push beyond  the standard level of perception and will expand the mind with what can only be described as "impossible".

Afrosapien Mind Hack Workshop

You'll be influenced by the telepathic reading of the mind, experience mind boggling metal bending in your own hands and a phenomenal experience of how powerful your mind truly is, when you are able to walk barefoot over a bed of broken glass.

"Mind Hacked" is an interactive workshop, where you'll get to experience a first-hand approach of how elegantly simple it is to access and harness the powerful untapped abilities of your mind.

Why hack your mind?

Discover untapped creative energy
Unlock new forms of understanding
Gain valuable tools for self-awareness
Learn focus techniques

This workshop will take your mind to possibilities you never knew that existed within yourself.

Expand your understanding and reality with our awesome Mind Hack Workshops!

You're one step closer to self-mastery.
We're amped to get you there.

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