The Masai Warrior - Felix Chughuda

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Felix Chughuda: The Maasai Warrior Prince

We are taking you on a journey with people from around the world who are passionate about finding their true self and sharing their stories about the challenges of the mind. Never in our wildest dreams did it cross our mind that this humble artist that we see busking everyday in the Company Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa is here on a mission of a tribal quest.

Lets get into the mind of Felix Chughuda: The Maasai Warrior.

Although being hungry for knowledge, his father was unable to finish his schooling. He passed on this hunger to his sons, instilling in them a need for education. After Felix went to school, he became a prince in another country. He wanted to marry, but if you love your culture, you had to embrace your culture first. They used to go to the villages before getting married – this was a secretive act – but Felix wanted to go further and beyond the village.

He set his aim on America but little did he know that his ancestors were the ones directing him...and they had another country in mind.

Felix Chughuda comes from a tribe that puts it’s members through challenges in order for them to experience a life of toughness and endurance – crucial components when preparing for the leaders of tomorrow.

His first choice was for Johannesburg, but his ancestors redirected him towards Cape Town. His task – live on the street for 7 years so that he may understand empathy. To know what it is like when someone is suffering, their hunger pains, when someone is in pain or when they have not slept for days. He would have to face the exposure and freezing temperatures that are often the norm for those on the street – a task that is far removed from the cold weather conditions in Tanzania.

This was a monumental challenge as his mission also included one key factor –he was not allowed to beg for anything. Through the years, he has encountered lice on his body, surviving an attack from 20 people one night, gone hungry many times and had his goods stolen. These events have sharpened and strengthened his mind, body and spirit with each challenge – his sole goal and focus to return to his tribe as the Maasai Warrior.

His grandmother was from the Maasai Tribe, his mother from Wanyanturu and his father from the Wataturu Tribe. Giving up a happy, comfortable life for one of a life on the street is his sacrifice to prepare Felix for the moment when he becomes chief – he will have the empathy, strength, knowledge and wisdom to support and empower his tribe.


Into Tanzania - Excerpt from Paul Tackett on Vimeo


One day a stranger gifted him with a guitar and he uses this warrior instrument to sustain himself by the tips of strangers. When asked about the idea of him asking those passing by to pay R10 for a photo with him, he immediately responded with “Never, as this is not what I am doing here, using my tribe for business. As a prince, you must be responsible for the people around you, work for your crown.”
As his ancestors said, cold makes you strong.

His goal of becoming a leader in his tribe and getting married is still very high on his agenda. We salute Felix Chughunda for his dedication and passion for his mission. No matter how many mind-games and adverse tests are thrown his way, he has had the courage, resilience and patience to go within and understand the challenges that his mind has brought to him.

Living on the street has taught him to be humble – he is still on the street and he is still a Warrior. The tattoos and piercings reveal deeper meanings. The tattoos on his face symbolizes “Strength” and the piercings symbolize “Worth”.

Your mind is your single most powerful tool.

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