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SA Society of Hope, Nosh for Josh Foundation with Silver Threads Service

Afrosapien Entertainment (Pty) Ltd supports the 8th anniversary of Hope of SA Society of Hope, Nosh for Josh Foundation with Silver Threads Service, a service for the elderly where we will be making our way to Ashton and Montagu.

Joshua an autistic boy has come a long way, who would have thought that he would be amongst people handing out cookies, it was only a dream, but mom and dad Sandy and Marc love this boy so much and will do anything in the power to see him happy. Joshua advanced to such a level and blew us all away when he started attending certain classes at Stellenbosch University.

We are so proud of Joshua.

This event kicks off with a Breakfast, a 'Be My Voice"- Bake-off with Joshua and ending with a feeding in Ashton which is the birthplace of Joshua's mom Sandy Pekeur Sandy.

Ashton Elderly Cookie bake off

Date: 4th October 2022
Venue: Ashton Civic Centre
Time: Arrival - 09h45 Start - 10H00
Dress Code: Spring

Exit Ashton and proceed to Montagu meeting the children of Helpende Handjies

After the elderly bake off in Ashton, we made our way to another little town up-country called Montagu to hand out gifts, treats and clothing to Helpende Handjies.

These kids are just so adorable, they crept right into your hearts. Helpende Handjies are feeding 79 to 750 kids everyday.

We are so grateful to know this amazing women with a big heart and her love for these children. We take our hat off for Wilma of Helpende Handjies.

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